The story of the banana girl

There she is again, the banana girl, dancing in the rain without listening to any music, as if she could hear a song in the wind that breezes past her ear, jumping and looking up the dark grey sky as raindrops crash against her cold, red cheeks, as if she were a child on her first visit to the park. Nothing can steal her happiness. The banana girl achnowledges the beauty in everything around her, and allows her surrounding to deeply connect with her, by not trying to force things and overthink things. She is a thinker though, but she can also let go.  She doesn’t need any materialistic things, cause all that she needs is within her soul.  Her soul is a place of mountain karsts, with peaks so high that you can have your head in the clouds with your feet still touching the ground. It is a place of  strawberry fields and warm, salty breezes playing with your hair. She is a traveller, discovering the world and at the same time discovering new regions within her own soul, knowing that all things in this universe exist in her and with her.


The banana girl is a free spirit, but she is not afraid of letting people into her life and making bonds, for the bonds she makes are not captivating her, but rather gently embracing her and flowing with her. She knows that freedome doesn’t mean running away from everything and everyone, freedome doesnt mean avoiding everything that could make you take responsibility, freedome is not something that you will experience by constantly trying to find it. In fact, that’s exactly what will make you less free in the end, since seeking for freedome and therefore trying to cut off all the connections and to break out and start al over again, can be one of the strongest bonds captivating you. Waking up every morning, knowing that this is the life you chose to life and consciously choosing it again every single day,that’s freedome. Being happy with what you have and appreciating every day, knowing that it is al in your hands and you are free to change anything you are not happy with, that’s freedome.You cannot force freedome, but you can always choose to let things happen, to let the magic work and to just feel free. And that’s what she is, the banana girl, she is free without trying to be free and that’s makes her so unbelievably free.

If you want to make the banana girl happy, don’t give her clothes or flowers, for she prefers to wear her personality instead of fancy clothes and for flowers will die after a few days. Bring her some bananas instead. And give her a bit of yourself and a bit of your time, that’s all she wants.

Thanks to Winnie the Pooh for inspiring me to finally talk about the banana girl….

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