Does God matter?

One of the questions that probably every human being is thinking about at some point in their life is, does God exist? It is one of the most interesting and probably also most difficult questions one can ask. The question I want to ask today is: Does it even matter? Does the existence of God matter?

We are all a part of this cosmos and by believing, by being religious we try to connect with our source in the cosmos, often forgetting that we all come from the same source. We all evolved from the same spirit. We are just using different methods and ways to look at that source and to connect with it. We are all trying to look at that one spiritual source where we all came from, we just do it from different angles. Now the problem that many of us are facing, trying to find God or spiritual enlightenment, is that what they are looking for might already be within themselves.


God could or could not exist, and either state doesn’t change the way we lead our lives. Our lives are expressions of action between ourselves and the cosmos. To respect our surrounding environment is a furthering of respect to ourselves, because we evolved from the cosmos. We are our surrounding. We are the cosmos. This manner of living doesn’t change regardless of the nature of God or any other spiritual being. And no matter if you are religious or not, if you believe or not, if God or Buddha or Dao exist, they don’t need us to believe in them to exist. They will exist no matter what. The question is, why are we trying to find out, whether god does or does not exist? In what kind of way would it change our lives?

The answer is, that it probably wouldn’t change our lives per se but rather the way we look at ourselves as part of this world. Most of the time we are not looking for god, but for an answer (that we think we will find in god) to what purpose we have in this world and in what kind of way we are all connected to each other. The problem that comes with seeing god as our creator, is that we might focus too much on our ego self, on ourselves as an individual person, who was created by god and therefore is living life according to god’s will. But what about the other people, who, because they were created by god, as well think that they are living life according to god’s will and that they are fulfilling their purpose on earth? It looks like there are many gods, that are the only god and that there are many different ways to lead your life in the right way. How is that possible? Maybe the answer is, that all is one and it is all in us, around us and in anything existing. There obviously is a connection between all of us, since we are all here in this world, but maybe we should stop looking at it as someone who created us, but more as something that is within us. Then we wouldn’t even need to find it. So in the moment we stop desperately looking for god or the leader, the creator, but start looking at it as a spirit that is in all of us and everything and anything in this cosmos or even beyond, in that moment we realize that nothing we do or say will bring us any closer to god. It might bring us closer to ourselves, our spiritual selves, by stepping away from the ego self for a while. It might, through that, make us feel more connected to god or the spirit, it might help us discover our connection to the cosmos, but it won’t actually change anything. It will only show us what we didn’t see, because we were too distracted, but the connection is still the same and will always be, just because we exist. In the moment we stop forcing god into a  (human) shape, we realize that maybe god isn’t even countable or measureable and then the question of polytheism or monotheism doesn’t even arise. Every religious person thinks that the god they believe in and the religion they practice is the right one and they are right, because it is all one, it is all one circle. If the god a particular religious group believes in, in the eyes of another religious group doesn’t exist, because they claim that ‘their’ god is the only one, how is it possible that this group of people is even existing, since they see their god as their creator!? But we are all existing and that’s the key to all spiritual questions: the fact that we all ARE. And the fact that we all are existing in this cosmos. So maybe the way we should look at it is, that god or the spirit is BEING itself and this BEING holds all the potential for this world and any future worlds and anything existing in this world. At this point we go beyond the need for formal religious precepts of any sort. We become the embodiment of the spirit of the cosmos.

One thought on “Does God matter?

  1. God is an imaginary friend a human invents to help cope with obstacles of life on this planet. It is a unique and personal choice made by oneself for oneself and as such should never impact another human being – period! Some need it, some don’t. Those who peddle it, promote it, sell it or fight over it have missed the point of it. Does a dog have a god?
    God cannot be seen
    God can be felt
    God cannot be explained
    God effects everything on this planet
    Who is god?
    God is gravity!
    Here endeth the lesson.


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