My Book Project

yep, it got quiet here in the last weeks… but that is not because I got lazy or because I don’t feel like blogging anymore, it is because I have been working on something that was consuming a lot of time. I am still working on it and it will for sure take me some more months to finish:

I am writing my first book !

I don’t know for how long I have already had the wish to write my own book and I don’t know how many times I already started writing, but then stopped after the first page and forgot about it….I can tell you it happened many many times…. But this time it was different, this time I wrote more than one page and this time I didn’t stop and forget about it, this time I didn’t give up and think it was crap that I wrote anyway. I sat down and started brainstorming and then I started writing and I forced myself to sit down again and write again even if I didn’t feel like doing it and thought that what I wrote was crap anyway, I made myself continue and after every page that I had written I was filled with pride and it got easier to continue. Nevertheless my book is still far from being completed and I will have to struggle many more times to sit down and continue writing, but this time I am sure that I will actually finish.


Photo and Art Work by Maria Helena

So what is my book gonna be about? Some of you might have already guessed it, it is gonna be about my experiences of living and traveling in China, about all my little adventures and funny situations. But it is also gonna be about  the culture and beliefs of the Chinese and how to face all that as a Foreigner.

Although this might be a little bit contradictive now, since I am writing this post in English, my book is gonna be in German language. That is because it is my first book ever and I have zero experience in publishing a book and actually finding someone to publish it in the first place, so all that is just gonna be easier with a German book in Germany.

Wish me luck and I am gonna keep you updated !



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