online magazine features my china travel tips

Hey there!

This is just gonna be a very brief announcement today to let you know about the latest news. I hope you are as excited as I am 🙂 !

Maybe you already noticed that I didn’t post as many articles about China and travelling in general as I used to in the beginning and that I focussed more on other topics. This doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I am not interested in these topics anymore and I even wrote some articles about traveling China, I just didn’t publish them here.

Now you might think “what the hell is she talking about?”. Well, let’s come to the point: I am very happy to tell you about my cooperation with the Déshabillé-Magazine, an online lifestyle magazine, that is going to feature my articles in their travel section.

Head over to their site and read my tips for Dali 大理, the backpacker metropolis of China:

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