Yulin Dog Meat Festival

“Chinese people eat ANYTHING”

During the last weeks there was one topic that was present everywhere on social media: The Yulin dog meat festival which is taking place in Yulin/Guangxi every year. The majority of people is shocked when finding out that in the time of this festival thousands of dogs are being slaughtered and eaten afterwards. The Internet is full of horrid pictures and people are asking: how can something like this happen? Without getting too much into details here, the dogs are usually being skinned and boiled alive in public places with a lot of people around watching this procedure.
What is happening at this festival is terrible and I can’t find any words to describe the disgust that I am feeling when only thinking about it.
It is cruel. Yes all of you saying that this festival should be shut down, you are totally right, it is cruel, just as cruel as eating beef, pork or chicken.
People are opposing Chinese people’s madness because they are eating dog, but find it totally normal to have a steak for lunch. Is that justifiable? Using the words slaughter and dog in one sentence is already enough to totally shock people, whereas it seems to be absolutely no problem talking about pigs and cows. The thought of eating dog meat is abhorrent in Europe, since we consider dogs and cats to be our pets or even family members and not food. Pigs, cows and chickens on the other hand are so called production animals, therefore a totally different matter. Well, me personally I don’t quite see the difference!? What on earth is a production animal and who determined which animals are categorized as production animals and which are not? What exactly is it that in our eyes makes a dog too cute for being consumed, but a pig not even worth a thought. (Have you ever seen how cute a baby pig is?)Pets are treated as family members, but production animals are born for only one purpose: being killed and eaten. In what way does that make sense?

Photo by Maria Helena

Photo by Maria Helena

The only reason why people in Europe are disgusted by the thought of eating dogs or cats or guinea pigs is because we are not used to it, because it is not part of our culture. Consuming dog is a practice that has persisted throughout Asia for hundreds of years and especially in the southern part of China dog meat is seen as a delicacy, for them it’s just as normal as eating other ‘production animals’. Regarding this judging Chinese people for eating dog does just not make any sense.
The same goes for judging them because of the inhumane methods they are using to kill the animals. Do you really think that animals in Europe are being slaughtered in a humane kind of way? (as far as killing can ever be executed in a humane kind of way) It is a fact that a lot of animals are still conscious when they are getting jointed and I think almost anyone will agree that it is not very humane that male chicks are considered a ‘waste product’ of the egg industry and therefore are dumped into a blender that grinds them up alive. Just because all the cruelty in the western world is happening in slaughterhouses, doesn’t make it any better. Animal cruelty is happening anywhere where animals are being consumed, it’s just not as exposed as it is in Asia and the meat industry is doing a pretty good job in keeping our romantic worldviews alive and we don’t mind it, because we don’t want to see pictures like those from Yulin.
Oh and last but not least: Stop Yulin !!

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