3 things that you will only see in China

Spending 2+ hours in the bathroom!? Not here in China! Why waste the short amount of time that you have at home, caring for your personal hygiene, if you can do it during your lunch time or on a bus ride!? I want to share with you two crazy situations I have been into here in Guangzhou and just to make things clear: Those situations left me neither disgusted nor scared, I was just a bit, let’s say…irritated…!Last week I was on the bus on my way to work when suddenly I noticed a weird sound right behind me. When I turned around, I saw that a man was cutting his fingernails (of course the pieces that he cut off his nail fell on the floor without him caring much about it) . After a while he started, with the help of a little mirror and a pair of tweezers, plucking his eyebrows and beard. I was pretty impressed. Not only by the fact that he managed to do all that without spearing one of his eyes with the tweezers, but also because he had remembered to take all those tools with him.
My second experience that I made with personal hygiene in public was in the restroom at university. After having finished my classes in the afternoon, I went to the restroom in order to wash my hands. When I entered the room I noticed that I can’t wash my hands there right now, because one of the cleaning ladies was shampooing and washing her hair in the sink. I was kind of irritated and felt like I had disturbed her in a very private moment since she immediately left the room with her hair all wet and dripping when she saw me.
Chinese people love movies. And they are watching them anywhere, anytime. No matter if I go to the supermarket to buy vegetables or to any other shop to buy clothes or books, there is one thing that all those places have in common: the staff is sitting behind a desk or counter, watching a movie. Now I know why all the smartphones from Asian brands have such huge displays, cause they are using them for watching movies all the time! And the weirdest thing about all that is, that they don’t seem to feel guilty for not providing me any service when I enter shop, but just ignore me and that sometimes it’s me who is feeling for disturb them because I want to have my vegetables weighed or because I want to pay. Oh and headphones are not very common. It definitely happens that you can hear Hulk screaming from behind you and Harry Potter whispering from your left.

by Maria Helena

by Maria Helena

Where and when do you usually sleep? In your bed? At night? Well, maybe I got some alternatives for you here: What about during a meeting? Or in a restaurant? It seems like Chinese people can manage to sleep almost anywhere, no matter how loud, busy or crowded the place is and it’s also not the case that people think you don’t have manners when you do it, it’s pretty normal. A Lady working in the fruit shop I usually go to, is sleeping there with her head resting on the desk that she is sitting behind every afternoon from about 2 to 5pm. Why I know that!? Well, most of the time I used to plan my trips to that shop, depending on the sleeping habits of that Lady because whenever I saw her sleeping, I didn’t dare to wake her up…

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