Yangshuo 阳朔 (1)

Beautiful scenery in Guangxi province

In the time of the national holidays (1st to 7th october) I traveled to Yangshuo. Surrounded by karst peaks and boredered on one side by the Li river, Yangshuo is located in the northeast of Guangxi, nearby Guilin. The beautiful scenery in Yangshuo is overwhelming and can be discovered in many ways: you can go for a bike tour in the country side, face new adventures while climbing in one of the most famous climbing areas in China, go hiking in the mountains nearby, or just have a relaxed bamboo boat trip on the river. It is also possible to visit one of the traditional villages near yangshuo and discover a way of live that has nothing to do with tourist attractions, souvenirs and fancy restaurants. The town of yangshuo is very crowded (especially in the holiday week) and the traffic can drive you crazy, but if you are willing to leave the main roads sometimes and maybe get a little bit dirty you have the chance to discover the true beauty of Yangshuo and it’s very special flair.

Photo by Maria Hochleitner

Photo by Maria Hochleitner
Photo by Maria Hochleitner

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